Classroom News


We are continuing to work on previous math skills in our Target math each day.  We use our problem solving strategies as we solve real world problems using math algorithms.  A new skill for us for the next few days will be looking at area in square units.  We will discuss the career of an architect as we get excited to create our dream house using square units.  The children will have the opportunity to tell about their dream house to their classmates.

We have built our silent reading stamina up to thirty minutes.  On Monday night of each week your child will bring home a basal reader with a story that they will need to read to you.  Please discuss each page with your child and give them a chance to retell the story to you in their own words.  Ask them questions about the setting, characters, problem of the story, different events that took place that led to the solving of the problem.  Encourage your child to read and think.  I am very encouraged of the progress of the students in their reading fluency and comprehension.
     In science we will be looking at the basic needs of plants and animals.  We will also be investigating why animals migrate and hibernate.  Most children seem to really enjoy the animal units in science.  Children's Discover magazines or good books about animals would be a great way to encourage your child to read this summer and increase their scientific knowledge.

     I want to thank my room moms and the many other parents who have encouraged our classroom this year with kind words or helpful things that make our classroom a better learning environment. I have also received some very thoughtful class gifts and feel honored by them, thank you.  Thank you to all who have provided some nice lunch meals, everyone of them have been so delicious!  We are thankful to live in such a giving community.

Remember:  "Sometimes the smallest things take the most room in your heart." 

                                                                     Seeking to Serve,

                                                                    Mrs. Pam Hendricks