Word Study
High Frequency words for Fourth Six Weeks:
Week 1:  thank, under, always, early, friend
Week 2:  today, year, because, every, grow
Week 3;  said, wish, both, found, happy 
Week 4:  hard, seem, than, warm, where
Week 5:  head, show, town, another, while
Week 6:  carry, small, until, buy, anything

Vocabulary words for the 4th six weeks:  
Week 1:  
occupation--a person's job or career 
famished--very,very hungry
consent--permission to do something 
hustle--to move very quickly with a lot of energy
Week 2:
villain--an evil character in a story, movie, or play 
dependable--someone or something that you can count on 
journey--a very long trip or adventure
attempt--to try to do something 

Week 3:
forbid--to tell someone that they cannot do something 
portion--a part or a piece of something 
huddle--when people or animals crowd together 

Week 4:
ceremony--an event that marks a special occasion 
definite--something that is sure or certain 
ingredients--the items that you put together to make something else
passenger--a person or thing that rides in a vehicle that is driven by another

Week 5: 
abandon--to leave something or give it up forever
combine--to put two or more things together 
harmless--not able to hurt anything, safe
habit--something that you usually do 

Week 6: 
warning--a message that alerts you that something bad is about to happen
exchange--when someone gives something to you and you give them something back 
contagious--something easily spread or passed to other people
artificial--something that is not real or natural

High Frequency words for the second six weeks:
Week 1: ate, back, came, does, each
Week 2: also, ball, car, door, fine
Week 3: along, book, clean, dress, five
Week 4: fire, keep, name, please, sleep
Week 5: gave, love, open, ride, thing
Week 6: home, made, people, set, turn 

Vocabulary words for the second six weeks:
Week 1: flimsy--something that is weak and lightweight
grant--when you allow a person to have something
talented--having the natural ability to do something well
opinion--what you think about something
Week 2: obnoxious--something or someone who is disagreeable and unpleasant
scholar--a person who studies and learns a lot
vigorous--something that is strong, active and full of energy
etiquette--the rules of polite behavior
Week 3: disturb--when you bother, annoy, or interrupt someone
miniature--something that is smaller than its usual size
bizarre--something that looks or acts very odd or strange
companion--someone or something that keeps someone company
Week 4: trio--a group of three
retrieve--when you get something back
alert--wide awake and ready to act quickly
hodgepodge--a disorderly, jumbled mess of things
Week 5: affection--feelings of love and caring
scarce--something that is hard to get or find
inhabit--you inhabit the place where you live
identical--things that are exactly alike
Week 6: participate--to take part in something
decay-to become rotten
modern--something that is from recent times
grip--to hold something very tightly